Tournament Update: Top 16 Tiebreakers Placement Issue

During the top 16 at DreamHack Winter, an issue was spotted in the tournament software (see update below article) that affected the outcome of the top 16 placement. This meant that several players that may have originally have thought to be in contention for the top 16 slots were not in the top 16 players of the swiss rounds due to tiebreakers.

After manually re-calculating the tiebreakers of the players with 7-2, two players were replaced in the top 16 (With Gamer Sensei Seiko finishing 17th and Theo finishing 19th). The top 16 bracket matches were started shortly after.

Upon closer inspection of the tiebreakers for GamerSensei Seiko, it was discovered that the manual re-calculation of his tiebreakers were incorrect. His actual finish in the swiss should have been 15th.

GamerSensei Seiko is a promising and talented player and DreamHack is incredibly sorry that this situation occurred. When the issue was discovered the admin staff was under pressure to deliver a new pairings and a mistake was made that meant a tournament ending outcome for Seiko.

DreamHack takes full responsibility for this mistake, unfortunately we cannot rewind playoff tournament matches. DreamHack will provide Seiko with awarding prize winnings equal to a top 8 finish at the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix Winter 2017. In addition to this DreamHack will also provide travel and accommodation to Seiko for the next upcoming DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix stop in 2018, so he will have the full chance to show his ability and compete.

Comment from Gamer Sensei:

Gamer Sensei understands that in large events like Grand Prix, mistakes can happen in stressful situations. It is really unfortunate for Seiko but he has a great future ahead of him in the coming years of competitive Hearthstone. We look forward to see him participate and perform in the future DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix tournaments.

DreamHack will continue to review our tournament practices to make sure we can offer the best possible conditions and we would like to thank Seiko for his patience and reasonable approach in dealing with this situation, and we look forward to seeing him compete in the future.

Update: Upon further inspection there was no issue in the tournament software, only human error and miscommunication regarding newly released fetaures.