Top 16 DreamHack Winter

We have had a fantastic year of Hearthstone at the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix and we couldn’t be happier to close out the strongest year ever at DreamHack Winter. Players from all over traveled to compete and these are your final standings for the 7th DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix tournament in 2017!

Top 16 players

1st place $7,500 – Zumpp
2nd place $3,500 – eSuba.SAMSUNG Vanik
3rd-4th place $2,050 – Team Prophecy E-sports Swaggermeist
3rd-4th place $2,050 – GamersOrigin un33d
5th-8th place $1,125 – PENTA Sports Zananananan
5th-8th place $1,125 – TDGEsports Vardu
5th-8th place $1,125 – Nautistic Rowers Chachaboizz
5th-8th place $1,125 – BX3 NoRage
5th-8th place $1,125 – Gamer Sensei Seiko
9th-16th place $675 – Origin of Power Pandix
9th-16th place $675 – Movistar Riders Dalesom
9th-16th place $675 – SPG Melon
9th-16th place $675 – Oslo Lions Elektroniske Sportsklubb PanRagon
9th-16th place $675 – iG Pardub
9th-16th place $675 – TDG sveiks
9th-16th place $675 – Eagle mastery monstruito
9th-16th place $675 – eSuba.SAMSUNG Faeli

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