1. Who can play

I’m not the world champion or a pro player, can I still play in the tournament?
Yes! Grand Prix is a open tournament where anyone can sign up, regardless of rank and skill.

2. Where do I sign up? ?

Sign ups are posted here on grandprix.dreamhack.com at least two months a head of the tournament date, stay tuned!

3. What pass do I need?

I can’t find competitor tickets anywhere, which ticket do I need to compete?
Normal Visitor passes and BYOC passes will work fine for entering the tournament. All tournament matches must be played in the official tournament area.

4. BYOC / Tournament area

I am bringing my desktop to the BYOC lan, can I compete in the tournament from my seat?
All matches must be played in the designated tournament area using a laptop/device that can support wired internet. Please use a easy to move device as you will be changing seats after every swiss round.

5. Competition rules

Where can I find the rules of the tournaments?
Click here for all rules about DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix 2018

6. Other questions

I have a question that is not answered here, who do I ask?
Email Hearthstone@DreamHack.se


Live Events

  • Summer
    Jun 16-18th
    Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre
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  • Winter
    Nov 30-Dec 2nd
    Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre
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The dates listed above are only tournament dates, not the full event dates. Event dates can be found here.