DrJikininki wins DreamHack Atlanta

Entertaining matches and a thrilling tournament. After three days of Hearthstone in Atlanta, Georgia, we can now announce the champion of our North American event – DrJikininki.

It was a happy and almost exhausted DrJikininki who got to lift the trophy in the studio together with the broadcast talent. Humbled by the victory over his opponent Noblord, he thanked everyone who had helped him prepare for the tournament. With the score 3-2, DrJikininki defeated Noblord, winning $7,500 USD and earning 15 important HCT Points.

The way he managed to win his last game was, as Gul’dan might’ve put it, extraordinary. Congratulations to DrJikininki!

Results Day 3

Link to bracket
RO8 #1 – Chakki vs Justsayian – 2-3
RO8 #2 – Noblord vs Richwebz – 3-2
RO8 #3 – Naiman vs Icer – 3-2
RO8 #4 – Sirslim vs Drjikininki – 2-3
Semifinal #1 – Justsayian vs Noblord – 2-3
Semifinal #2 – Naiman vs Drjikininki – 2-3
GRAND FINAL – Noblord vs Drjikininki – 2-3

Final standings

1st place – $7,500 + 15 HCT Points – Drjikininki
2nd place – $3,500 +12 HCT Points – Noblord
3rd-4th place – $2,050 +8 HCT Points – Justsayian, Naiman

Video on demand

If you missed the games, you can always watch the VOD’s over on our youtube channel as soon as they are up!

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