DreamHack Valencia survival guide

The stage is set and the cards has been shuffled. With over 300 participating players and a prize pool of $25 000, DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix is looking out to be one of our biggest events this year. Only one day remain until the games can begin. Time to feel the heat and get into the zone! Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming tournament in Valencia, Spain, July 13th to 15th.

Notable players

ArmaTeam Maverick
TSM Cydonia
Misfits stancifka
Millenium Ekop
MIllenium Dethelor
SKGaming AKAWonder

Team Arctic Gaming espumito
VCF eSports Evangelion
Alliance Orange
Team Liquid Neirea
TheGosuCrew GreenSheep

For the complete list of players attending DreamHack Valencia, check out this post.


Thursday – July 13th
11.00 Preshow
11.15 Round 1
13.00 Round 2
14.45 Round 3
16.15 Round 4
18.00 Round 5
19.45 Round 6
Friday – July 14th
11.00 Preshow
11.15 Round 7
13.15 Round 8
15.00 Round 9
16.45 Round 10
18.30 RO16 – 1+2
20.00 RO16 – 3+4
21.30 RO16 – 5+6
Saturday- July 15th
11.00 Preshow
11.15 RO8 – 1
12.45 RO8 – 2
14.15 RO8 – 3
15.45 RO8 – 4
17.15 RO4 – 1
18.45 RO4 – 2

The top 16 matches are played on an accelerated schedule. All times are estimates and set to local time – CEST.

Broadcast Talent

Alexander “Raven” Baguley
Simon “Sottle” Welch
Neil “L0rinda” Bond
Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski

Prizepool Breakdown

1st — $7,500 + 15 HCT Points
2nd — $3,500 +12 HCT Points
3rd-4th — $2,050 +8 HCT Points
5th-8th — $1,125 +4 HCT Points
9th-16th — $675 +2 HCT Points

Watch it live

You will be able to watch all the players live from the venue at DreamHack Valencia. You can find all available tickets and pricing at the DreamHack Valencia site. Watch Hearthstone in its finest!

Follow the broadcast

DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix will as always be broadcasted on twitch.tv/dreamhackhs and facebook.com/DreamHackHS. Will we once again see a knight-clad studio?

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