DreamHack Grand Prix: Winter Day Two

Day Two of the DreamHack Grand Prix HCT Tour Stop at DreamHack Winter has come to a close. Full of qualifications, eliminations, and crazy moments, here is everything you missed!

The Road to Top 8

Day Two of the DreamHack Grand Prix featured Round Six through Round Nine of Swiss play, as well as the Top 16 matches.

There were a couple of players that brought lineups that were outside the norm. Vlčák77 and Pardub were the only two in the Top 16 who didn’t bring Deathrattle Hunter. Andrebert was the lone player to make Top 16 without bringing any kind of Druid deck. He, along with Toastmonster, found success bringing the Clone Priest deck that was part of Seohyun’s winning lineup in Atlanta. DeadDraw made it to Top 16 with the lone Warrior deck, in spite of Dead Man’s Hand and Odd Warrior being expected to do well this weekend.

It also seems that the age old question of Odd or Even Paladin has been answered, as half the players in the Top 16 had Even Paladin in their lineups versus only three players making it in with Odd Paladin.

In the end, the most successful lineups that allowed players to make it to the Top 8 included Deathrattle Hunter, a Druid deck, Even Warlock, and Even Paladin. There are still two Clone Priest decks in the Top 8 though, as well as two Quest Rogues, and two Shudderwock Shamans, so we could be in for some shenanigans tomorrow. Here are your Top 8 players. All matches from the Top 8 through the finals will be streamed tomorrow, so make sure you follow the players on Twitter to share your enthusiasm for their performances!

Stream Highlights

You can catch all the DreamHack Grand Prix action on the DreamHack Hearthstone Twitch channel, but in case you missed it, here are some of the best moments from Day Two.

Faeli and Bozzzton kicked off the day both 5-0. Bozzzton piloted his Malygos Druid deck to victory, finding a lethal option that even the casters didn’t spot!

Zanananan and Janos made all of Darroch’s dreams come true…

Tyler dodged the soulfire draw from Vlčák77 three times to get a win against Zoo, paving the way to reverse sweep his way into the Top 8!


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