DreamHack Grand Prix: Winter Day Three

Day Three of the DreamHack Grand Prix HCT Tour Stop at DreamHack Winter is complete, and we have crowned a Champion!


Our first quarterfinal match of the day featured Bozzzton and Toastmonster. After losing with Shudderwock Shaman in Game One, Bozzzton was able to win three in a row with Malygos Druid, including the perfect combo turn in Game Four where he was able to deal 57 damage!

The second match of the day pitted Arakoj against Pardub. In a rematch of Round Six, Pardub’s Quest Rogue still doesn’t draw the ban from Arakoj. Pardub was able to win three games in a row with the deck, always having Vanish at the perfect time, and becoming our second Semi-finalist.

Next up on the docket was a match between Dawido up against Faeli. This was a match that demonstrated how Last Hero Standing is supposed to work, with one player counter-queuing the other all the way to the end. Game Five was extremely tense, with Faeli able to pull off an incredible win with Consecration off the top when both players had exhausted most of their resources.

The last quarterfinal match was between Tyler and Burr0. All weekend players have been more expressive than usual, but in Game Two Tyler gave it all away with his facial expressions! In the end it wasn’t enough though, and Burr0 took the match to go on to the semifinals.


The first semifinal match was between Bozzzton and Pardub. Pardub was the only player in the Top 8 who opted not to bring Deathrattle Hunter, choosing Quest Rogue and Clone Priest instead. Though Bozzzton banned away the Rogue, he was unable to deal with the pressure from the Even Paladin, and then gave Pardub enough coins to play a turn six Cloning Gallery that cemented Pardub’s place in the finals.

The second semifinal match saw Faeli and Burr0 go head to head. Burr0 managed a win against Faeli’s Token Druid with his Deathrattle Hunter, making it an uphill climb for Faeli. A well timed Vanish from Burr0 sealed Faeli’s fate, allowing Burr0 to become our second finalist.


The finals between Pardub and Burr0 were the definition of hero versus villain, though it was hard to tell who the fans preferred more! Pardub spent the weekend displaying all kinds of BM towards his opponents on stream, while Burr0 remained calm and collected.

Pardub got the win in Game One by playing an aggressive early Alexstrasza, piecing together the rest of the damage over the following turns.

After that, it was up to Burr0’s Quest Rogue. Some players were worried about how the deck would perform this weekend with Togwaggle Druid being present in DreamHack Atlanta and a patch that came into effect right before DreamHack Winter, changing the way Quest Rogue interacted with Togwaggle-type effects. The deck didn’t seem to run into many difficulties however, getting Burr0 three wins in a row with plays like this…

Your Champion: Burr0!

We have crowned a DreamHack HCT Grand Prix Tour Stop at DreamHack Winter Champion, Burr0! Congratulations!


For all the results and deck lists used by all the players at DreamHack Grand Prix, check out the bracket by going to Smash.gg.


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