DreamHack Grand Prix: Winter Day One

It was an exciting first day at the DreamHack Grand Prix HCT Tour Stop! Over 150 players, well known pros and lesser known names alike, came together in Sweden to test their skills.

Class Choices

Druid has been popular at HCT Tour Stops for a while now, including at DreamHack Atlanta two weeks ago, but at DreamHack Winter we saw Hunter reach the same heights! 78% of players had either a druid deck or a hunter deck in their lineup, often both. Malygos Druid was the most popular Druid archetype, brought by 43% of Druid players. Malygos Druid couldn’t hold a candle to the popularity of the most prevalent Hunter archetype though, the Deathrattle variant, which was brought by 94% of Hunter players. Deathrattle Hunter had almost double the popularity of the next most popular archetype of any class, Even Warlock.

Priest continues to be the most varied class, with seven different archetypes being played at DreamHack Winter, two more than at DreamHack Atlanta. More players opted to bring Priest this time, likely due to the success of the Clone Priest deck in Atlanta. Mage took the hit in popularity this time, with only two archetypes (Murloc and Big Spell) being brought by nine players total who were trying to find wins with the class.

Stream Highlights

You can catch all the DreamHack Grand Prix action on the DreamHack Hearthstone Twitch channel, but in case you missed it, here are some of the best moments from Day One.

First, in Round One, Xixo makes a Lightning Storm play against Bozo’s Deathrattle Hunter that he just can’t believe!

Then in Round Three, Maeve made her stream debut! After the casters declared that her tag would make a great TV show name, #Maeved, she proceeded to end up on the bad side of some RNG, getting #Sintoed!

In the Round Five match between Tyler and Jarla, one of the most amazing Shaman lethals ever caused Jarla to actually crack a smile for the first time in DreamHack Grand Prix history!

Undefeated Players

We have five undefeated players through five rounds of Swiss. Follow them out on Twitter to show your support!


You can stay up to date on the progress of the undefeated players, as well as the rest of the field, in their quest for Top 32 by heading over to Smash.gg.


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