Denver schedule

As we approach the last North American event of the year, we have a schedule to share with you.

DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Denver is only 16 days away. The competition will be the last event in North America for the tour this year, and some of the region’s best cardslingers have already signed up for the $25,000 dollar tournament. Today we’re present to you the full schedule for the event. Stay tuned as we soon reveal the first batch of players.


All times are in MDT (UTC-06:00).

Friday October 20

11:00 am Preshow
11:15 am Round 1
1:15 pm Round 2
3:15 pm Round 3
5:15 pm Round 4
7:15 pm Round 5
9:15 pm Round 6

Saturday October 21

11:00 am Preshow
11:15 am Round 7
1:15 pm Round 8
3:15 pm Round 9
5:15 pm RO16 – 1+2
6:30 pm RO16 – 3+4
7:45 pm RO16 – 5+6
9:15 pm RO16 – 7+8

Sunday October 22

10:00 am Preshow
10:15 am RO8 – 1
11:30 am RO8 – 2
12:45 pm RO8 – 3
2:00 pm RO8 – 4
3:15 pm RO4 – 1
4:30 pm RO4 – 2

I want in, where do I sign up?

Check out the DreamHack Denver sign up page to find everything you need to know about the sign up process, including tickets to the event!

Watch it live

You will be able to watch all the players live from the venue at DreamHack Denver. You can find all available tickets and pricing at the DreamHack Denver site. Watch Hearthstone in its finest!

DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix will also be broadcasted on and

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