DreamHack Grand Prix: Atlanta Day Three

Day Three of the DreamHack Grand Prix HCT Tour Stop at DreamHack Atlanta is complete, and we have crowned a Champion!


Our first quarterfinal match of the day featured Level9001 and Flamekilla. An unchecked Vicious Fledgling from his Odd Rogue early in Game 4 carried Flamekilla to victory and allowed him to secure his spot in the Top 4.

The second match of the day pitted Sintolol against the second most winning DreamHack player ever, Tars. A board full of Savannah Highmanes proved too much for Tars, as Sintolol was able to 3-0 him with Deathrattle Hunter.

Match three was the longest of the day so far, with SwaggyG who was undefeated in the first eight rounds of Swiss, going up against Seohyun, another DreamHack Grand Prix veteran. Even with the perfect hero power roll off Dr. Boom, the Clone Priest proved too powerful, and Seohyun became our third semifinalist.

The last quarterfinal match was between Plantz and Gle. Plantz was able to clutch a win against the Deathrattle hunter, and went on to win the match in a 3-0 sweep!


The first semifinal match looked like it might be over pretty quickly, with Flamekilla using Evenlock and going up 2-0 very quickly, leaving Sintolol with only Deathrattle Hunter remaining. But Sintolol was able to pull it back, tying things up and taking it to Game 5 before completing the reverse sweep and securing a spot in the finals.

The second semifinal match was Seohyun against Plantz. Resurrecting the master of magics generates so much spell damage that Seohyun is able to chunk down his opponent’s health time and time again. The Clone Priest got it done, this time Seohyun was able to clean sweep Plantz 3-0 to be the second Finalist.


The finals between Sintolol and Seohyun were incredible. Sintolol lead with Even Warlock against Seohyun’s Odd Warrior (the Clone Priest was banned). This time, Sintolol didn’t win the brawl, and Seohyun went up 1-0. That left Taunt Druid and Odd Paladin for Sintolol to try to beat the Odd Warrior. With Paladin matching up poorly against Warrior, Sintolol went for the Druid. Using some kind of Terminator math, Sintolol closed out the game with the help of Branching Paths and a Naturalize draw off the top.

Sintolol evens up the series, so Seohyun queues Deathrattle Hunter into the Taunt Druid and found a very quick win. With his tournament life on the line, Sintolol has to rely on the Odd Paladin to try to race the Hunter. Seohyun had a great draw and was able to pressure the Odd Paladin instead by sticking an egg and making 5/5 after 5/5 to find the win!

Your Champion: Seohyun!

We have crowned a DreamHack HCT Grand Prix Tour Stop in Atlanta Champion, Seohyun, in his seventh Top 16 HCT Tour Stop finish of the year! Congratulations!


For all the results and deck lists used by all the players at DreamHack Grand Prix, check out the bracket by going to Smash.gg.


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