DreamHack Grand Prix: Atlanta Day Two

Day Two of the DreamHack Grand Prix HCT Tour Stop at DreamHack Atlanta was intense. Full of qualifications, eliminations, and crazy moments, here is everything you missed!

The Road to Top 8

Day Two of the DreamHack Grand Prix featured Round Six through Round Nine of Swiss play, as well as the Top 16 matches. There were some interesting decks that made it to the Top 16. Though the staples of Druids, Shudderwock Shaman, Deathrattle Hunter, Odd Rogue, and Odd Paladin all made it to the Top 16, so did the likes of Dead Man’s Hand Warrior, Clone Priest, Mecha’thun Priest and Warlock, and Murloc Mage. Murloc Mage and Clone Priest, brought by Tars and Seohyun628 respectively, were the ones that made it through to the Top 8. Six of the Top 8 will be playing Deathrattle Hunter, while all eight players have some form of Druid in their lineup.

Here are all your Top 8 players. All matches from the Top 8 through the finals will be streamed tomorrow, so make sure you’re following them on Twitter to share your enthusiasm for their performances!

…But Why Mukla?

The casters were speculating all day about the inclusion of King Mukla in Gallon‘s decks. They weighed the pros and cons of the decision, including giving Malygos Druid something to do in the early game, giving your opponent extra cards to make them overdraw and make Sintolol burn his combo pieces, as well as the con of allowing Even Warlocks to get cheaper Mountain Giants. We caught up with Gallon before his Top 16 match to get his reasoning for the Mulka tech that got him so far in the tournament. His answer? “I like the sound he makes when he comes into the battlefield… ROOOAOORRRR!” Best. Tech. Ever.

Stream Highlights

You can catch all the DreamHack Grand Prix action on the DreamHack Hearthstone Twitch channel, but in case you missed it, here are some of the best moments from Day Two.

We had a rematch of the DreamHack Grand Prix HCT Montreal Tour Stop when Justsaiyan and Feno came up against each other in Round 7. Make sure you give it a watch to see if history repeated itself or if Feno was able to get his revenge!

Then in Round 8, Death Grip comes up huge for the second time on stream, pulling Shudderwock out of Leadpaint‘s deck.

In Round 9 we got to see Cydonia be a good sport, letting Fenom see his full Mecha’thun victory.

Finally, in the match between Sintolol and Gallon in the Top 16, Gallon showed his smorc side, taunting Sintolol with a Flanking Strike to face!


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